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A Complete Solution for Measuring Biological and Cellular Activities: GloMax®...

A Complete Solution for Measuring Biological and Cellular Activities: GloMax® Luminometers and Bioluminescent Assays


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Beginning with firefly luciferase reporter gene assays, Promega has a long history of producing assays in which bioluminescence is the output signal. We have expanded our luminescent technology to include a wide variety of assays for measuring different biochemical or cellular activities including apoptosis, cell viability, kinase activity and toxicology. Here we introduce the GloMax® Integrated Luminescence Systems. The GloMax® Systems are composed of reagents, instruments, software and protocols all with a single, comprehensive support system. Because of the excellent sensitivity and broad dynamic range of the GloMax® 96 luminometers, these are state-of-the-art, yet easy-to-use instruments for measuring any luminescent signal. They are ideally suited to measure bioluminescent assays available from Promega. Here we describe the use of the GloMax® Luminometer to measure cell viability and caspase activity to highlight the integration between high-performance instrumentation and bioluminescent assays.

Promega Notes 93, 23–26.

Kevin Kopish and Natalie Betz

Promega Corporation
Publication Date: 2006

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